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100% pure cotton pads.

The natural choice for healthier skin.

The 100% cotton, hypoallergenic pads of the Cottony range are the ideal choice for the women looking for protection and respect for their sensitive skin.

Cottony, in fact, relies on a proven efficacy in preventing and treating the skin problems of the intimate area, such as rash and irritations.
Thanks to their absorbent core and their HyDri upper layer, made of 100% natural cotton, chlorine-free, Cottony pads and pantiliners reach the highest absorbency standards, though keeping excellent breathability properties.
Cottony products comply with the skin neutral pH parameters, leaving its physiological conditions unaltered, giving a higher sensation of softness and offering highest comfort.

A complete range of pads, folded and with wings, and tampons with cardboard applicator.

Moreover, the Cottony range includes specific pads for feminine light incontinence, also made of pure cotton and therefore suitable for sensitive skin.