Organyc: Best Organic Product 2019

For the 5th time in a row, a product of the range, has been awarded Best Organic Product 2019.

The award is assigned by the French portal “Bio à la Une”, by a jury of 100 organic consumers who tested the product for efficacy and gave a rate evaluating more product features.

In the last four editions, other Organ(y)c products received the same award: Organ(y)c Ultrathin Day Pads 2015, Organ(y)c panty liners flat 2016, Organ(y)c Ultrathin Night Pads 2017, Organ(y)c Panty Liners folded 2018. Now also a tampon joins the winning team and this prize further states the consistency of products appreciations by consumers across the full range. This product is really unique and innovative thanks to the compact applicator made with renewable resources (sugar cane). This special bio-based material, soft and slick, allows a smoother insertion, a more comfortable product usage experience. The tampon, as the whole Organyc range, is made with 100% organic cotton and it is certified by ICEA. Organic pads and tampons are hypoallergenic, breathable and highly absorbent. Ideal for all women looking for a more sustainable feminine hygiene choice and also for women with sensitive skin.

Organyc Compact Applicator Tampons have been launched in 2018 in France and Uk and soon will be present in many more countries.