Organyc (Corman) supports Female Cotton Farmers in Zambia with Cotton Made in Africa

Organyc & Corman on the side of women

Women play a key role in the sustainable development of African countries and in all African community: female farmers works in the fields, at home and take care of the welfare of their families. The income they generate is reinvested into the construction of warehouses or in school education for their children. That’s why is so important to promote the activity of female farmers, in order to give them the chance to strengthen the rights and the position of women within the cotton business as well as in the African society.

In 2016 Corman supported a project in Zambia to foster women empowerment via “Cotton made in Africa“.

In 2018 Corman decided to give a contribution to help kick-start a new project in Zambia, the TUYANDANE Women’s Club, in Nampundwe. It’s the “Goat Project”, started to generate additional income for a women group (purchasing and breeding of goats). The beneficiaries of the project are 20 women, but all the community of over 400 members benefits of it.

The donation by Corman has helped to enlarge agricultural services, and open shops; communities have been trained on agricultural, veterinary and trade skills and each community has planned long-term sustainability projects.

The project is implemented in close cooperation with Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) and CmiA certified cotton companies. It is part of Cotton made in Africa’s community cooperation program which gives support in the fields of women empowerment, health and sanitation, education as well as nature protection. Cotton made in Africa is an Aid by Trade Foundation initiative that stands for sustainable cotton production, nature protection and better living conditions for smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan.