Corman Research & Development department is divided into two fundamental areas: product research and development and technological process development.

Taking of the former branch, research focuses both on new medical devices suitable for satisfying patients, now more and more demanding and paying attention to what they purchase, and as for researching innovative raw materials for absorbent pads able to promote the customers’ physical well-being and to meet their requiements in terms of attention to the environment and respect for their naturalness.

We should also underline that lady pads are a kind of items strictly connected to ladies’ intimate life and therefore, when Corman decided to take their products beyond the Italian border, they met a very demanding market, sometimes with unexpected requirements. This has contributed to make Corman a very flexible business, able to always accept new challenges.

Talking of technological development, we are setting up a new production hub, working with the best technology suppliers for absorbent manufacturing, but also for anything concerning securing the site and making the work of our operators safe and comfortable.

Many of the researches of the department, in cooperation with some suppliers, have materialised in new patented products, realized through innovative technological processes that have made Corman a company in the van, in the industry of personal care.