Through the years, increasing the number of products, widening their distribution and getting an international business have had Corman face a new challenge:


How to manage the supply chain at best, offering customers the best service?

This is why, in 2001, Logicor was born: a subsidiary of Corman, dealing exclusively with their logistics, including raw material storage, order shipping, delivery planning. These are just some of the aspects Logicor deals with.

The success of Logicor is highlighted by numbers:

pallet spaces
orders per year
daily pick-ups
daily shippings


Logicor can also boast a number of certifications, attesting the quality of their daily work, ISO 9001:2015 for the company quality management system and SA8000:2014 for work ethic and social responsibility.

Besides these aspects, the human factor is undoubtedly the distinguishing feature of Logicor: in comparisono to the 4 employees in 2011, Logicor can now rely to 15 employess, permanently working in the headquarters of the Milan Logistic Center in Lacchiarella.


As in Corman corporate philosophy, steadily changing and keeping up to date represent the foundations of growing and that’s why, in 2015, Logicor chose to transform their orders management process, to rely on a radio frequency system. This has led to an optimization of orders processing times, as well as to an increase of shipping efficiency.

Since 2001 Logicor has been operating with Corman and we are ready to face the next marketing challenges together.