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100% organic cotton pads and more.

A new idea of hygiene and well-being.

Organyc is a line conceived for modern women, paying more and more attention to their well-being, through new choices giving priority to environmentally-friendly products and of natural origin.

Organyc pads and panty-liners, in fact, are made exclusively with 100% organic cotton, both inside and outside, certified according to the GOTS (Global Textiles Standard), by ICEA Italia and Soil Association.
This means the renewable and sustainable Organyc cotton has been grown following the principles of farming, without pesticides or other chemicals, and in harmony with natural cycles.
Organic cotton, naturally absorbent, hypoallergenic, breathable and soft, helps prevent skin irritation and minimize the unpleasant feminine itching. Thanks to the unique and innovative use of environmentally-friendly materials, such as cotton and Mater-bi™, a compostable bioplastic, Organyc products are fully biodegradable.
Moreover, thanks to their packaging in boxes of recycled or FSC paperboard, they are organic in every way.

The Organyc range also includes specific products for feminine hygiene, beauty, maternity and baby care.