Our History

Corman SpA is an Italian, family-run company. Established in 1947 by Corrado Mantovani, after 70 years’ history and a steady evolution, due to continuous changes of scenery, it can now be defined as a successful and acknowledged company both in the Italian and in the foreign market.
Guido Mantovani and Giorgio Mantovani are now leading it and, together, they are walking with Corman on the growth path.

In their factories, all located in Italy, Corman manufactures 100% cotton, hypoallergenic feminine care products (marketed since 1992), as well as incontinence products, also hypoallergenic and 100% cotton (marketed since 2009).

Besides manufacturing feminine sanitary protection products and distributing electromedical equipment (Omron and Medipresteril), in Italy Corman offers their customers a complete range of wound care items (Medipresteril), intimate feminine hygiene products (Multi-Gyn) and sweeteners (Diet Sucaryl).
Since 2010, the company has added these product ranges the distribution of insulin delivery devices, thanks to the collaboration established with Becton Dickinson BD (Micro Fine).
In 2016, the diabetes line was joined by the distribution of the glucose monitoring systems from Abbot Diabetes Care.

Since 2008 Corman has distributed their feminine sanitary protection products, in particular with the brands Organyc and Cottony, not only in Italy but also in foreign countries. France, Canada, Australia and China are just some of the over 25 countries, where the company works nowadays.
In 2010 Corman USA was born: the company’s branch fully dedicated to the development of the sanitary protection market in the United States.

Corman also manages logistics through their subsidiary Logicor srl.

In 70 years’ history, Corman has faced a number of changes, always trying to meet market requirements. This has enabled Corman to develop and to manage the challenges facing them and looming on the horizon at best.