Our Mission


Technology, innovation, dynamism, reliability, transparency.
But even the ability of seeing behind the product itself, offering advice to one’s customers, promoting health initiatives and culture.

Corman has always supported and widespread their own brand values, the result of rigorous choices, of the awareness about consumers’ needs and requirements.
The same values are to be found in their production, as well as in the products distributed by Corman – leading the company’s growth.

The ability of choosing is therefore Corman brand essence, their identity, the hallmark promoting the role of Corman throughout the whole communication chain: from the Company to Trade, stakeholders and end users (in short, the so-called health management, according to Corman).

As a matter of fact, choosing means:
“…Deciding which is the one thing or person, among many things (or people), that’s most suitable for or fitting at best needs and wishes. To get the best from a combination of things, separating it from the less good, or poorer, or useless part…”
When choosing, you’re always engaged in understanding and making decisions.

Corman knows, “is aware” of what it proposes to the health world that, in turn, knows it can choose the best with Corman.
Looking ahead, the quality perceived more and more around the name Corman, has solid and deep-seated, factual and acknowledged foundations.

Corman is more and more focusing on developing and marketing a wide range of Cotton Personal Care items, with the potential to remarkably minimize the risks to health and environment, if compared to traditional products. Corman aims at making a large-scale effort, to ensure that cotton absorbent products replace pastic ones among ladies.