From the very beginning, Corman has showed a pronounced industrial vocation.
Moving from textile extraction technologies, in time the basic production ranges have been replaced by technologically more complex and innovative activities, often patented and exclusively developed with the most qualified system manufacturers.

Corman is, in fact, one of the few companies in the world manufacturing cotton absorbent pads, thanks to its patented technology.
The production is currently distributed in several centers, for a total of 8 production lines: seven reserved to feminine hygiene and one fully dedicated to light incontinence.
25 people work in the production units daily: thanks to their work and their know how, an average of 90,000 sanitary napkins are manufactured every day, i.e. over 30,000,000 in a year.

Quality control is crucial to Corman; this is why the carry out strict quality tests on each single production.
Specializing in this area has enabled Corman to be part of Edana, a European association for the development and update of regulations and innovations concerning the production of absorbent pads.

Standard production procedure pattern

1. Production plan
2. Material preparation
3. Material loading
4. Machine set up
4. (Automatic) production
4. Process controls
4. Pre-packaging
4. Batch number
5. Packaging and Labeling
5. Checking
6. Lab final check
7. Release