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100% pure cotton pads.

Respect and protection for sensitive skin.

Traditional pads often contain plastic and other synthetic materials, such as rayon super-absorbent powders, which might irritate the parts getting into contact with them, especially in the instance of sensitive skin.
Unyque is the natural answer for all those women with sensitivity problems, who want to feel fresh, clean, protected and safe for the whole day.
Unyque, a complete range of pads, tampons and panty-liners made of 100% pure cotton, unbleached and chlorine-and fragrance-free and with no other substances that might be aggressive.
All Unyque products, hypoallergenic and developed to respect skin pH, guarantee natural breathable properties and the highest softness, so they help reduce rash and irritations.

Distributed in the pharmacy channel across Europe (France, Portugal, Belgium).