Scientific partners

Collegial and collaborative efforts with the scientific world are part of our mission.  This work allows us to provide breakthroughs that benefit the world.

Partner Scientifici

Training and dissemination


Minerva Ginecologica

Minerva Ginecologica is one of the most important Italian scientific journals in the gynecological field. We have the chance to collaborate and publish scientific articles relating to our brands. Over the years we have carried out clinical studies that scientifically support the claims of our products. We publish them also on international medical portals to make the scientific evidence that supports our brands visible to all our partners.


BioBasic Europe

For all our brands, we focus on providing science-based evidence.  that both qualitatively and quantitatively demonstrate the efficacy and performance of our products. We collaborate with companies such as Biobasic Europe who specialize in designing and implementing these importat clinical trials.

Programmi e iniziative


Progetto Scuole

Aogoi: Italian Association of Hospital Obstetricians and Gynecologists

The Italian Association of Hospital Obstetricians and Gynecologists (Associazione degli Ostetrici e Ginecologi Ospedalieri Italiani, AOGOI) brings together more than 5000 physicians working in the field of gynecology throughout Italy in hospitals, on the territory and as self-employed physicians.


Progetto Pink Union

Humanitas - Research Hospital

Fundraising project for research on female pathologies

Zero eventi

Progetto Zero

ALICE - Association for the Fight against Cerebral Stroke SIMG - Italian Society of General Medicine SIIA - Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension

We have developed a project to increase awareness on the incidence and prevalence of cardio and cerebrovascular diseases and stroke, with correct information and screnning on the most important parameters for reducing cardiovascular risk. A project carried out in collaboration with participating pharmacists for the measurement of vital parameters, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. and assessment of patients’ cardiovascular risk.



CardioLink - Scientific News

Editorial project for the education and updating of health profiles on blood pressure self-measurement with weekly updates, with all the world news on blood pressure self-measurement and in-depth analyzes by the main national KOLs.

Sinergie - Patient & Cardiovascular Risk

Patient & Cardiovascular Risk

Editorial project about the education and updating of health profiles on blood pressure self-measurement


Educational project for health profiles in the main therapeutic field of strategic interest of Corman, with training contributions made by the main Italian KOLs in the various therapeutic areas



Food supplement

Research and development collaboration in the ​​Gynecology field to create innovative and unique food supplements to help maintain the natural and biological condition of the urinary tract.

clinica mobile

Clinica Mobile - Clinica Mobile nel Mondo

Sponsorship and testing of Medipresteril products

Testing new products in the sporting context and sponsorships