Through our brands and Private Label, we are present in the leading national and international chains and stores, specialized retailer distribution, drugstores, pharmacies, online, independent stores and organic channels.


We collaborate and distribute our products in Italy and around the world at 40,000 points of sale including pharmacies, drugstores, and orthopaedics-healthcare products shops. Through carefully planned action on the pharmaceutical channel, we develop effective strategies and tools to promote sell-out growth in the markets in which we operate.

In Italy, we are directly present in over 13,000 pharmacies, drugstores and orthopaedics-healthcare products shops. Furthermore, in Italy we collaborate with leading actual and virtual networks within the pharmacy and drugstore sector.

Worldwide, we collaborate with the most important chains such as CVS and Walgreens (United States), Dm (Germany), Rossmann (Poland), and we are present in over 30,000 points of sale.

We started writing a new chapter for pharmacy services by developing a local Point of Care project by collaborating with Abbott on promoting their diagnostic devices.

Large-scale Retail Trade

We are present throughout the national territory thanks to our collaboration with the most prominent large-scale retailers both with our products and with Private Labels.

A channel that has allowed us to get closer to our Customers and develop new strategies on their behalf thanks to the presence of our Brands in the corners dedicated to over-the-counter medicinal products at Esselunga and Coop stores

Specialized Retail

The distinctiveness of our products allows us to successfully develop relations with main stores specializing in personal care and organic sectors.

On the national territory we are present at Tigotà, Ecor Group, Eataly, and Acqua&Sapone stores.

On an international level, we work alongside A.S Watson, one of the most recognized retailers in the world in the Health and Beauty sector.


In recent years, the digital channel has become a fundamental tool for strengthening relations with our customers who are evolving towards new forms of purchasing.

We are already present in several countries internationally with the Organyc brand: (USA) and Amazon Europe.

In Italy, we collaborate with the main digital marketplaces (Farmae, eFarma) for our main brands offer, while developing new commercial development tools, in synergy with e-markets.

With the Organyc brand, we are also present on TMALL Global, the principal Chinese portal for international brands. This is a very strategic channel for us, since it is one of the best known and most used platforms in China.