Always seeking sustainable solutions

Zero impact

We have chosen to adopt solutions with high energy efficiency, not including any type of environmental emission.

High-efficiency systems

Starting from the planning of our new site, we opted to adopt high-energy efficiency solutions, reducing the environmental impact.


High performance plants


We choose to carry out construction works, in agreement with the Municipality of Lacchiarella, without gas network supply: this requires prospective developers of the area, not using  combustion energy sources. We,then, proceeded to create high-energy efficiency and high environmental sustainability systems, to develop highly efficient building envelopes and to favor renewable materials.

With the adoption of high-performance materials for both the opaque building envelopes and the transparent facades, it was possible to achieve high thermal insulation performance. The industrial buildings obtained an A2 energy classification, while the maximum A3 class achieved for the office building.

Thanks to the presence of a first surface water table, we created a geothermal plant with four wells for the production of the thermal power, necessary for the complex. The geothermal system powers both the heat pumps for the conditioning of the service and office areas, and the industrial ones used for the air conditioning and hygrometric control of the production department.

The roof of the main building is designed for new generation photovoltaic systems: currently around 600 modules are installed for a power of 180 kW.

Thanks to the collaboration with an energy management company, today we are able to monitor various energy performance indicators, such as kWh / pcs (energy consumption for each item produced) and € / pcs (energy cost for each item produced). In the last two years, Corman achieved a reduction in energy consumption of 70 MWh, replacing traditional lights with LED lights.


Sustainable approach

How we carry out our commitment

ambiente Eco-sustainable processes

Positive energy

We have decided to adopt industrial processes that respect the environment with the aim of minimizing energy consumption and waste production.

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responsabilita-sociale Transparency, openness and respect

Transparency and openness

We believe in the value of people as an added value and we pursue the search for profit through dialogue and inclusiveness.

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