Transparency, openness and respect

Dialogue and transparency

We believe in the added value that people bring to the company and we recognize the importance of Social Responsibility as a way of conducting an entrepreneurial activity that pursues the search for profit through dialogue and transparency.

We guarantee compliance with fundamental requirements

We have decided since 2008 to certify ourselves in accordance with the SA8000 standard.

What does it mean to abide by this standard?

Adhering to this standard means ensuring compliance with some fundamental requirements concerning:

  • Child labor
  • Forced labor
  • Health and safety of workers
  • Freedom and right to collective bargaining
  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Working hours
  • Remuneration.

We pay particular attention to the well-being of our employees: we provide places of meeting and exchange  among the production sites, the operational and management areas, with the creation of a comfort area, a gym and a large garden, surrounding the entire site.

Our objectives and the intentions of the social and environmental responsibility policy can be summarized in:

  • the guarantee of workers’ rights;
  • honesty and integrity principles of the company and workers;
  • sharing company’s objectives;
  • the continuous improvement of relations between the company and all stakeholders;
  • environment protection.

Sustainable approach

How we carry out our commitment.

ambiente Eco-sustainable processes

Positive energy

We have decided to adopt industrial processes that respect the environment with the aim of minimizing energy consumption and waste production.

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efficienza-energetica Always seeking sustainable solutions

Low environmental impact solutions

We are looking for solutions that do not involve any TYPE of environmental emission.

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