Our approach

Sustainability is part of our DNA and is something we have practiced well before it became fashionable. Stewardship of resources from the earth, and using them well is a competetive advantage as well as simple, ethical behavior.

People, environment, actions

Social sustainability is a matter of respect.

We demonstrate this respect internally and externally, something that not only is a good work practice but also contributes to our profit and success in business.

Environmental sustainability

We choose low-impact measures over the environment: this has positive repercussions on process efficiency and cost savings.

Sustainable management

Adopting sustainability procedures also affects the supply chain. Working with sustainability principles and rules provide safeguards and minimize risks.


Eco-sustainable processes

Working in concert with nature is evidenced by our new eco-friendly manufacturing and headquarters site.  Part of a green mile initiative, our buildings use sustainable building materials and are powered by the sun (natural lighting and solar), and the earth (geothermal).

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Always seeking sustainable solutions

Because we manufacture products we pay particular attention to the energy we use.  We want to be good stewards of resources and work towards a 0 impact on the environment.  That means we use renewable energy, geothermal, natural, and solar.  Simple practices such as limited printing of documents also are part of our practice.

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Transparency, openness and respect

We believe in the added value that people bring to the company and we recognize the importance of Social Responsibility as a way of conducting an entrepreneurial activity that pursues  profit through dialogue that is transparent and open.

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