Eco-sustainable processes

Positive energy

We have decided to adopt industrial processes that respect the environment with the aim of minimizing energy consumption and waste production.

Let's think about the future

With the transfer of all company activities to the current headquarters, we have written a new page in our history in a greener, more socially responsible and environmentally friendly context.

Sustainable structures

The buildings, characterized by the use of renewable energies, have been gathered in a single zero-impact site, inserted in the context of the Agricolo Sud Milano Regional Park, just outside the town of Lacchiarella.

The architectural choices are particularly innovative and far-sighted: in particular, the glass structure of the business center allows a great penetration of light and creates continuity with the external environment.

Many of the pre-existing reinforced concrete infrastructure materials were recovered and reused in the project, avoiding their disposal. We have also paid great attention to the choice of insulating materials, opting for mineral wool or mats made with recycled PET.

The constructive and plant engineering choices were made in the name of the most up-to-date principles of environmental sustainability:

  • A photovoltaic system makes it possible to satisfy part of the company’s energy needs;
  • The ground water is used in the heating, cooling and service systems of the AHU (Air Handling Units) for the conditioning and control of humidity, which is essential for  processing cotton;
  • A BMS (Building Management System) controls and monitors energy and air conditioning consumption, allowing to optimize and manage the use of energy.

Sustainable approach

How we carry out our commitment.

efficienza-energetica Always seeking sustainable solutions

Always seeking sustainable solutions

We are looking for solutions that do not involve any TYPE of environmental emission.

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responsabilita-sociale Transparency, openness and respect

Transparency, openness and respect

We believe in the value of people as an added value and we pursue the search for profit through dialogue and inclusiveness.

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