As our turnover and international presence have grown, we have begun to collaborate with some of the leading international associations in our sector, demonstrating our high level of know-how and expertise in the production of feminine hygiene and light incontinence pads in cotton and organic cotton.


They collaborate with us

Edana: International Association of Nonwovens Manufacturers

The International Association of Nonwovens Manufacturers and related sectors brings together the most important manufacturers of finished products in the absorbency market (feminine hygiene, light incontinence, baby nappies), suppliers of raw materials, converters and machinery manufacturers. Corman Spa has been an Edana member since 2008 and plays a leading role in the association.

Cotton Incorporated™: the US non-profit organization that promotes the use of cotton

The non-profit organization, based in the United States, provides resources and market research to companies interested in developing innovative, profitable and sustainable cotton products. The organization deals with, studies and promotes the use of cotton at all stages of the life cycle, from raw fibre to finished product. 

With the launch of Organyc on the US market, Corman Spa has begun a long-standing collaboration with Cotton Incorporated™. The iconic Cotton Inc. logo can now be found on all Corman cotton products.

AIDAF: Italian Association of Family-Run Businesses

AIdAF was founded in 1997 by Alberto Falck and a group of entrepreneurs bound by the same principles. AIdAF aims to be ‘the point of reference in Italy for family-run businesses’. Today, it brings together more than 180 companies that represent about 14% of Italy’s GDP.

In particular, AIdAF aims to raise awareness about the fact that doing business ethically will prove to become a fundamental asset for the healthy growth of businesses in the near future.

Entrepreneurs need to understand that for their companies to reach ambitious goals, they should pay attention to the human side of work and equip their business with an effective governance structure that is rigorous, committed and meritocratic.